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Maintaining Money Matters

Putting everything in place to ensure that someone with a disability is as financially safe and secure as possible for the rest of their life is obviously absolutely essential. It’s just as important to regularly check that these financial plans and arrangements remain appropriate though.

Rules and regulations on benefits, Wills or Trusts can change for instance, new opportunities can open up and an individual’s needs may also alter dramatically over time. This service is designed to ensure that all these key issues (and others besides) are monitored and addressed.

We'll look at:

  • Keeping an eye on an individual’s finances.
  • What to do if you have concerns.
  • Ensuring that all relevant benefits are being received and, if not, we can help the individual and/or their family to apply for them (there will be a one off fee for this).
  • We can also support Work Capability Assessments and challenge decisions as appropriate (again a one off fee will be charged for this which can even cover one of our Benefits Professionals accompanying an individual to their assessment).

Who's it for?

  • Anyone with a relative or friend with a disability!

Key Deliverables

  • Regular reviews via face to face meetings or telephone calls to ensure relative’s finances are secure.
  • Completion of review document.
  • Checking that the individual’s receiving all of the benefits that they’re currently entitled to. We’ll also provide support to help the individual apply for and secure these benefits. Entitlement can obviously change over time and we’ve helped many people secure additional funds that they had no idea they should be receiving!
  • Planning the transitioning of parents’ ‘hands on’ involvement to others as parents get older or less able. This includes appointeeship, trusteeship, Court Appointed Deputyship and Lasting Power of Attorney plus the overseeing or delivery of personal budgets, direct payments or care and support before crisis.
  • Prioritising and action planning for any concerns or recommendations.
  • Checklist completion and annual reviews.

NB: Some of the actions and recommendations will be delivered by the MySafeFuture team, delivered with other professionals or families will be referred to appropriate support.


  • Please call us to discuss individual requirements.

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